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Are Itching Ears Driving You Crazy?

Believe it or not, hearing and ear specialists believe the new rash of itching, troubled ears is caused by over cleaning.

By over using cotton swabs as well as over-the-counter ear solutions that contain harsh drying ingredients like alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and mineral oil, people both disturb the ear canal wall and dry out its delicate tissues. Your ear canal tissue is more sensitive than regular skin because it has only three layers. Regular skin contains seven layers. This is why the ear canal is more easily disturbed and damaged.

Healthy ears are self-cleaning. How this self-cleaning process works is tied to a little known substance in ear canal tissue called keratin. An important protein, keratin shields your ear canal from the growth of bacteria, fungus, yeast and other parasites. Keratin helps maintain your ear’s pH environment and mixes both ceruminous and sebaceous secretions into what we call “earwax.” It allows living cells to grow beneath it. These cells grow outward from the top of the eardrum (or tympanic membrane) to the opening of the ear canal.

This gentle growth pattern moves debris out of the ear canal, thus “self cleaning” the ear. Healthy ears, therefore, are not in need of mechanical “cleaning” per se, unless of course, one gets impacted wax. Actually, over cleaning can start an “unhealthy” cycle for ears.

Recently a new product called MiraCell has been introduced for ear health. MiraCell is an all-natural, safe, mildly antibacterial, antifungal and anti-yeast solution, which comforts itching ears immediately, when dropped into the ear canal.

People plagued by itching ears are choosing MiraCell over other formulas because it immediately relieves the itch. Continued use of MiraCell promotes healthy, trouble free ears gently and safely. Patients and hearing professionals alike say MiraCell is their most useful ear product. Soothing, it lubricates their ears without harsh drying effects.

To download the complete article on the role of keratin by Max Sanley Chartrand click here (members only)

Soothing, Safe Ear Support from MiraCell

Max Sanley Chartrand, UHS Director/Research and Professional Training, Has Found A "Must Have" Product For All Hearing Aid Users

Max Sanley Chartrand reports that MiraCell, a blend of highly concentrated natural plant extracts, can effectively replace Oto-Eze and Eargene plus a host of other products. He notes that some make fair lubricants, but offer no anti-bacterial or tissue-friendly properties. Others are harsh to the tissue, can cause elicit lymphatic reflex (swelling) and also feed yeasts and fungi that often harbor in the disturbed ear canal.

Segment 1: Itching, Irritated Ears :

  • MiraCell is a proven, safe, all-natural botanical solution to help develop and maintain healthy ears.
  • MiraCell is gentle to the ear, and lubricates without starving skin cells of oxygen.
  • MiraCell reduces the possibility of discomfort caused by unhealthy ears.
  • MiraCell has mild antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-yeast properties.
  • MiraCell will soften ear wax for easier removal and less damage to the keratin layer of skin in the ear canal.
  • When used daily, MiraCell not only helps maintain healthy ears but also skin in general.

Segment 2: To Give You More Comfort Wearing Hearing Aids:

  • To prepare for new hearing instruments: Pour a generous amount of MiraCell directly into ear canal
  • Block excess from coming out with a small wad of tissue at the entrance of the ear canal
  • After about 20-30 minutes discard the tissue
  • Do this for 7-10 days before your new hearing aids arrive

For current hearing aid users:

  • Place one drop or less on your fingertip, rub finger and thumb together to thin it out
  • Apply directly to the outside of the hearing instrument shell
  • Do not get MiraCell in any openings on either end of the hearing instrument


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