Dry-Brik II tablets for Dry & Store/Zephyr - Triple pack

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Product Overview

Dry-Brik II (replaces now discontinued Dry-Brik) - pack of 3

This new desiccant product contains a more aggressive sorbent with a much greater moisture-absorbing capacity, packaged in an attractive, moulded disposable container.

A Dry-Brik II is manufacturer guaranteed to last 2 months, after which it should be replaced; meaning that a typical user should go through 6 Dry-Brik IIs a year - three Dry-Briks are inlcuded in this pack. Kept sealed and in a climate-controlled environment, a Dry-Brik II will remain active for approx. a year.

One of the most attractive features of the new Dry-BrikII is the Timestrip. Once activated by the user, a thin red line appears on the brik, which will lengthen each day. When the timer line has reached it's end and turned completely red (after 2 months), the depleted Dry-Brik II should be replaced with a fresh one. The Timestrip has been custom-designed for the temperature range of the Dry & Store, making the old system of colour-changing cards and crystals unnecessary.

Dry-Brik II is compatible with all Dry & Store models.

Store sealed, in a cool, dry place. The Dry-Brik II is completely disposable, no special handling required.

Priced per pack of 3


(No reviews yet) Write a Review